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People's Blues Of Richmond

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Date de parution : 06/08/2013

Durée : 0:04:41

Style : Rock

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My mother told me, my father told me too,
I shouldn't be here trying to sing to you, singin' these bad railroad blues.
I tried to explain that i wasn't so bad
But i killed my mother, i put a bullet in my dad, oh bad, bad railroad blues.

Now i'm sittin' here singing these railer's, jailer's blues
In these dirty pants and these worn out shoes but i'll get loose.
(you won't keep me here very long, i'll be free again someday, you'll see again someday, i'll come back for you.)

Now i've got me a pistol about as long as my arm.
I'm gonna kill any man who's ever done me any harm.
She's a .38 special set on a .45 frame.
How could i miss you motherfucker? i got such good motherfuckin' aim
And such bad, bad railroad blues.

Oh, honey, honey, honey, did you take me for your fool?
Did you think i wasn't leavin' here once the weather got cool?
I'm gonna drink my whiskey, i'm gonna drink it in the wind,
My doctor said it'd kill me but he didn't specify when.
Oh, bad railroad blues.

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