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I was born in wild wyoming i always fancied roaming
'til i rode into old dodge city now i'll stay there til i die
Oh i'm wanted in texas and tennessee
Dead or alive bad sadie lee i take just what i want as i pass by

I can draw faster than a man can see
I can shoot better than annie oakley
Ain't no one around who shoots better than me
And i'll show you just what i mean

I fired a shot at a buzzard on a limb
Killed him stone dead but it went through him
Shot a buffalo down in mexico
Shot a blasted jim crow in a bar i never had been

I don't have to wait for sadie hawkins day
All i have to holler is the word okay
They know i'll shoot them if they run away
But there's one true love i've had

The man i loved was called daniel boone
We crooned beneath the watermelon moon in june
But he left me for a ginger-haired ornery raccoon
And that's what turned me bad

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