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Vato Gonzalez

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Date de parution : 29/04/2012

Durée : 0:04:28

Style : Fitness & Workout

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Right about now, badman riddim, inside the place...

Come wid it!! coooooooome wid it!! jump!! jump!! jump!!

Right about now..the badman riddim (jump,jump)inside the place..(come wid it)

Show me whose slick with the moves, tell all the girls to come out and play, foreign beggars gonna wicka dis tune, coz we been doing this ting since day, time to hype up crowd on the way from the moment when the dj press play,what d'ya bassline hit up ya chest,its a badman ting and thats how we stay.

We got too many stars, too many flecks for them to come heat with,i can lick you on a monday,drop a acapella and he still come near the deepness, so listen naa, i'm a badman ting your a cloud, and a ting about how i put it down, i put it down like braap, and im up and on the cloud.

Right about now, badman riddim, inside the place...

Ccccooooommmmmmmeeeee wwwiiiddd it... jump!! jump!! jump!! jump!!!

Right about now, badman riddim, inside the place...come wid it...

Ohh, you should know whats a tune,my lyric make you shocked like a loon, i specialize putting out big tunes, this ones a shash and its coming out soon, coming out to a big raid near you, this haddibadman song what are you? simple things might sound clash anybody, anway i might i might send em back to the zoo,
Ooh, we're going in on the vibe,you can tell by the heavy head count inside,up on the roof its pure bounce over ride , so when i say jump you better ask how high (how high), and then reach for the sky, hands in the air, the beat sound live, thats how we rol so just let me know if you wanna reload, so you best ...come wid it!!

Coome wid it!! jump!! jump!! jump!! jump!! right about now,badman riddim (jump jump) inside the place, come wid it.

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