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Busy Signal

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Chorus: ah nuh everybody badness fit
Some man ah pose with machine dats it
Yuh nuh see dem find gadaffi ina pit
Badness outa style you cyant tump mi pon mi lip
Ah nuh everybody badness fit
Bout you guh mash works machines thick
Tuff up ya face because yuh stop chat
Because da way di tings set ah road nobody eva watch dat

Bag a lip service talking days done, nuh bwoy cyant chat tuff make mi play dumb, dem affi move faster than blake ah stadium. tings load when we step a road listen dis...

Breathless , run him down breathless. mi nuh tek threat dem cyant send threat nar puff chest.mi av mi own.....mi nuh left di endz reckless. bet di teef a road cyant grab mi women neckless!


Some likkle just come 1 day dem fi rate man, ugly up dem face an ah try fi intimidate man, dem an dem followbaga, bout 38 man, .................
Some bwoy hate wi truu dem see di ting rise enuh?
Have it inah waist if dem try size enuh? money man a pree,we keep it piling up. nuh time fi enemies, ah jah jah guiding us!


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