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Smoke Dza

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Cold as north dakota, kush is that aroma
Brand new piece from ralphie's, courtesy of ohla
Always got a flow of bad bitches on my cobra
In love with the vagina, but not with the beholder
Faded off the gin, until we meet again
It's just like sanitation i be out like 3 am
She always wanna chill cause her man is in the pen
I'm with my nigga richie so make sure you bring a friend
We like 'em light-skinned, type slim,
Long hair, them freak joints....enticin'
We don't wife 'em. no time to enlighten
Just pipe 'em, slide like m. bison
I said 'it's like that, it's like that'
I'm just leasin' the girl, you could have your wife back
She g'd up. she don't like rap
She just want a real nigga that will pipe that uhhhhh
Baleedat. baleedat. baleedat
She hit a nigga daily cause i'm fillin that void she say she need that
Baleedat baleedat
Fast life! slow flow
Same old shit in new clothes
You tryin to put them papers on your bitch
Say it ain't so, fool, who you come up with?
Couldn't of been a ogs that raised me
Slidin through the city....

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