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By the ocean i sat down one day
Saw my life the other way
All those trials to no avail
Broken dreams was all i bloody gained

Remember well when i was a child
They promises turned into lies
Leaving us a world dimise!

Hold me in your arms
Drown me in sweet moisture
Lascivious fiery breath covering overflow
Your fangs softly penetrate
The pleasure and the pain
Dissolving i discern:
I'm alive!

I asked for love, got a golden cage
Plastic emotions in a plastic age
The pain i felt they told me wasn't real
"the earth!", i cried: my last appeal!

Now it's my turn to realize
To change the road, to change the side
The past has gone, may it rest in peace
A new dawn fades as she sows the seed

Hold me in your arms...

A midnight's dream disclosure
Saw momentous desire
My life layed in your hands,
My confidence...
The background of reality
Just one step away
Am i to cross the frontier?
Am i to dare?

In dreams i died a thousand times
But then one dream: a golden shrine
Her whispered words did soothe my grief
What a candour in this world of thieves

I hear the call of the roaring sea
Still a fire's burning inside of me
The wind shall take me to another shore
The earth i am, for evermore!

Way down, carry me down to the ocean of love!

Alone again i stand
Amongst the debris of a dream
Having to face once more
The madness of love
But i know tha the goddess
Will hear my yearning call
And her enchanting song
Will make my heart dance

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