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Carole King

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Today our dear friend
Chicken soup
This very ordinary day
Boiled up a pot of
Chicken soup
And swallowed it away
A-lack! a-day!
O-woe! oy-vey!
He swallowed it away!
Now listen to what i'm gonna say
A little bone, a bitty thing
No bigger than my pinky-
He swallowed hot
From out that pot
In quicker than a winky
He gulped that soup
Let out a whoop!
And fell down croaking
On the stoop
And he choked!
And he sagged!
And he smothered!
And he gagged!
And he let out a scream!
And he let out a moan!
Then he cried
'cause he died
From choking on a bone
On such an ordinary day
Like today
A-lack! a-day!
O-woe! oy-vey!
On an ordinary day
Chicken soup passed away!

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