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Riley Jeannie C

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I had a love he was mine said he'd love me all the time
I was sure our love was pure if love can be
Then one morning without warning truth came calling on me and her name was louise

I needn't tell you what she said i just wanted to be dead
For she didn't show mercy for me
You should've seen her walk away into his waiting arms that day
And i watched him stoop to kiss louise

( dobro )

The hour was late the night was warm i hid the bundle beneath my

The thought of what i'd soon be doing made me freeze
But without fear i found them there just how and where i knew they'd

Sleeping cradled in his arms was louise

Now they close those heavy doors i'll never leave here anymore
But i dare not beg forgiveness on my knees
For it was done with careful plans she'll never steal another man
For tomorrow they'll bury louise

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