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The Pop Ups

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Date de parution : 11/06/2010

Durée : 0:04:58

Style : Children's Music

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My daddy bought me a balloon the reddest you've ever seen
We went into the zoo and then a monkey waved at me
I did what i had to do, i waved back at him
I opened my hand to wave, and i lost it

I lost my red balloon it went up in the sky
I watched my red balloon and i began to cry

The next day in the park i got a green balloon
It was a joy to see but it ended way too soon
My friend threw a ball to me, i did what i had to do
I opened my hand what else could i do
I caught the ball, and i lost my green balloon

I lost my green balloon it went up in the sky
I watched my green balloon so pretty as it flies

The next day we took a drive out to the ocean side
We smelled the fresh sea breeze with the windows open wide
I got a blue balloon and we played in the sand
In came a great big wave and i opened up my hand..

I lost my blue balloon it went up in the sky
I watched my blue balloon and i began to cry

Red balloon red balloon where have you gone? flying away you left me all alone.
I want to go to the sky with you. i feel so sad what can i do
Green balloon green balloon you were my friend why do you have to go away from the land
Blue balloon blue balloon what did i do, i just want to go to the sky with you

The next day i was so sad. dad said here now come with me
He took me to a great big field
You'll never believe what greeted me!
The biggest balloon in the whole wide world! with a basket hanging down
We climbed inside and flew away. so far above the ground!

With my balloon
Flying in the sky
Waving to the birds
Hey now watch me fly..

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