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One Eskimo

pochette album Balloons
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Date de parution : 20/09/2009

Durée : 0:04:08

Style : Alternative

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It's only 5 miles to heaven,
With all the usual stops!
I took the right directions
But i'm further than i was
At the start.

You keep telling me the story
About some killerbees.
Seems they've gone crazy
And they're trying to kill everybody and me.

So whatever comes will come.
And maybe we're all balloons
Full of air.
And the reason we're deflected
To remind us that the ground is there.

Only the craziest of the bees know all
The branches like you do.
Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference
Between the honey and the glue.
This split direction is eventually
Gonna tear us apart.
You know you're going nowhere, but hey
At least you know where you are.

2x refrain

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