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Phil Mathison

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I'm a baltimore believer,
Ever since you have come back..

We had nothing, but we had it all
Two country kids, on a roll
The sights and sounds of a living town,
Put iron in our soul
So we settled down, with just the clothes we wore,
In downtown baltimore.

The times were hard, the times were good
Sometimes we just got by,
But the harbour lights on summer nights,
Seemed to make it all worthwhile
Then the wind turned round, and storm clouds grew
The light in your eyes turned cold
So you ran away, with just the clothes you wore,
From me and baltimore.


Now i'm a baltimore believer,
Ever since you have come back
For you ran away to cleveland
You didn't even stop to pack
But the sounds of the eastern seaboard
They must have changed your mind
Now i'm a baltimore believer,
Ever since this town's been kind..

Winter was cruel, the nights were long
The town seemed turned to stone,
But i hung on, for my hope was strong
One day i answered the phone
You missed the town, you missed my touch,
The train was leaving soon
So you came back, in love once more,
With me and baltimore.


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