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I'd like to introduce you to a few people up here.
Everybody here came on very short notice
And some people even, uh, cancelled a few gigs to try and make it
And nobody is getting paid for anything.
Uh. we got on drums, ringo starr.
Also on drums, jim keltner.
There's somebody on bass who've many people have heard about,
But they never actually seen him, klaus voorman.
We've got a whole lot of guitarists.
Uh, mister jesse ed davis, an old friend of mine, mister eric clapton.
And then, thank you, thank you.
Somebody, i'm sure you all know by now, on piano, leon.
Stand up, leon. i
Don't know if they're coming through on acoustic guitars,
If you're hearing them, but it's, uh, an apple band, badfinger.
And again, a whole lot of uh, singers out there.
The singers, um, are all from all different parts of the world and different bands, uh. and just give them a big hand.
I don't know what to do.
And the hollywood horn players over there led by jim horn.
And have we forgotten anybody?
Oh, yeah? we've forgotten billy preston.

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