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Swizz Beatz

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(swizz beatz)
Pull your aston martin out and just swerve on em
Pull your hoopty out man and just swerve on em
Let the top drop back and just swerve on em
Take the doors off your whip and just swerve on em

You can catch em swerving in that thing thing
Riding in that thing thing
Let the top drop and let the system bang bang
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
Me and my bitches swerving in that thing thing
Riding in that thing thing
Let the blueberry blow let the system bang bang
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

(talk to em pusha)

(pusha t)
Take ya tops off baby, its bout to pop off
Young somersault in this bitch to want to cop off
When you got the crown the haters want you to drop off
Lil pusha ts in the game i simple knock off
I beg your pardon, that coupe is a targa
Ive been in and outta lanes with a porsche playing frogger
Ill never be a blogger, im too much of a buyer
Post it, dont have it at your home, youre a liar
These n-ggas day dreamers, im more like a schemer
To have from ieshas to adrianna limas
Yeah, couple extra models for what we pop bottles for
Leaning on the throttle more


(swizz beatz)
This that sh-t that you knock in your drops
The sh-t that you like to knock in your drops
Well if you like me, this the sh-t you like to knock on your yachts
Boat shoes on, walls full of basquiats
You aint like me, you just automatic starting
You like me, you design aston martins
Bow ties on, im just gq modelling
Damn, fresh i am
When i start scoring i shut down the garden
Swizzy rule the world on my nas and my lauren
Blogs say swizzy bars aint nothing to pause
I say freeze!
Now pull your cars up next to ours


(pusha t)
Where im from we dont gang bang
But we sell that thing thing
Every ghetto same sh-t
Just only the slang change
Soon as that bass came we started to take aim
Double g boat shoes, ysl case frames
Club with the photoshoots
Think puffy and mase came
Dolled up the bitches too, they was in the same frame
Hustlers they chased change, bustas they chased dames
Young n-ggas kingpins we was tryna fame
N-ggas on they chaingang, snitches play the blame game
First (?) in the room when they name names
Hard for us to cross paths we aint in the same lane
Hope god forgive me when i catch n-ggas bang bang!

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