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pochette album Bang
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Date de parution : 08/07/2014

Durée : 0:03:19

Style : Alternative

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Bang com in my time
Well isn't pulled up, i'm farther on the times hardly
I'mma roshie, to long, too gone long gone
Bang it's spark on the church i take it to hore
I cannot help, i cannot change
I'mma run away try
To my love lost, to the love lost
And i me don't wanna be that one
But we don't wanna waste time
Let go, listen to me and my drum
Let go time for the outcome
Stand slow, come for me outcome
...give me some outcome
Let know listen for the outcome
Let go time for the outcome
Set slow run for the outcome
Tend to dawn give me some outcome
Too long, love run, bang, bang, bang

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