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Date de parution : 08/11/2005

Durée : 0:03:59

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Bankhead nigga, we in da headge lounge
Bank-ba-bank-bankhead nigga
Bankheadnigga, bank ba-bank-bankhead nigga
I smokin' and sayin', bank ba-bank-bankhead nigga

Bank head nigga, we in da headlounge
Miracle smoke strong and i did it
And know i'm tellin' bank ba-bank-bankhead nigga
Stop messin' with a fresh so clean bankhead

I got a machine gun to keep dat team on dat bank head
I got solo records and some cream on dat bankhead
If you fuck with me, you fuckin' with bankhead
Sayin' you better be scared of bankhead

Top family so sooni, i'm on dat bankhead
G rollin' on 24s on dat bankhead
I was lookin' for dat man, rollin' up and down dat bankhead
You will find me gaurineted 'cause i'm from bankhead

Playboy don't get mad 'cause ya bitch is on dat bankhead
Fuckin' with a young thug is fuckin' with bankhead
And dey gettin' cream on dat bankhead
Bitch, you ain't bankhead, nah, dat's me

Wut you blind, you need glasses to see
You got a deed, you still ain't rockin' and see as me
You wish you, you was nice to me
You ain't see more stacks then me in your life then me

So can't be me, bitch bite me
Man, you'd like to see and meet me
Man, i'm more of a sight to see
Bank ba-bank-bankhead nigga

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