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Mr. killer, i'm killin it by the second, the realest to ever do it, my lyrics is off the limits.
Its, the real lyricist, vigorous, still the vividest, visionist,

God damnn magnificent!!!!!

Hi, mr. james how you do that?
I ain't j.cole, but them bitches like who dat?
To my level? roll a joint.
And i get head like i.. flip a coin.
When i rip greats, shit faced dudes how my dick taste? quick paid.

(girl) omgosh i love you james!!

Its saint patrick's the way i keep the green.
Its dirty in the south, i gotta keep it clean.
Now i'm back motherfuckers!
Look into the peephole.
I vomit on the track, you could call me stev-o.
I got green, my name should be ceelo.
I'm knocking doors down can you see me through the peepholeee?

I'm the man now dudes put your hands down.
Cluster phobia the way i gotta standout.
Man, i'm just flyer than a beehive.
Yes i'm the best even stevie can't see why.
Can't you see it? i'm taking on the lead.
I grind so hard it is aching out my teeth.
It's mr. standout i'm never taking on a seat.
It's cold in miami cause i'm bringing out the heat.

Now i'm back with my snapback, act fast, stacks on my backpack, blackjack, swag can you match that?
Black hat with the all-black dg's
Looking like a mac when you something like a pc.
I'm on your tv, acting like cool j
Too fresh, stuck up on your mind like a toupee.
Mr. player, you looking at the ref.
And if you never heard of james then you must've been deaf.
I never ran track now i run tracks.
Fun fact ya boy sharper than a thumbtack.
It's first coming and its sounding like a comeback.
It's first coming and its sounding like a comeback.
Man, i just never take a day off.
They call me "the beast" and i tell em take the "a" off.
Take over word to the shoe print.
J to the k, you welcome to the movement.

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