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The Midway State

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I remember the last time in the city well i thought about your face and then about your legs and how you talk to me and sing to me about the ways yeah that you like my smile and how i am so young. and how we have choices, and how we have choices yeah we have choices baby. do you want to make out with me in the darkest nights with the darkest lights turned off? do you want to hold onto me and we'll remember this day for twenty years now on. i understand completely if you don't want to its getting late now but baby if you want to just whisper "nate, i want to make out with you" and that'd be fine. so i stripped off my shoes and socks and i walked barefoot through the street only thinking about you. and so i grabbed the closest girl to me and kissed her way too hard, only thinking about you and how you kiss so well, and how i love you, yeah how i love you. oh gosh i love you so much. now i see how this works my dear i'll walk the city night by night, and call your name up apartment walls in hopes that someone might just jump, into my arms so lightly. maybe you could fall out tonight. hopefully your not high enough to fall, but this is how i feel. whisper "nate, i'll be fine."

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