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Royal Crown Revue

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Date de parution : 25/06/1996

Durée : 0:03:01

Style : Pop

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Alright you bums, listen up
Sun tan oil don't go good with a three piece suit
You know makes it all oily and stoopid lookin' hu hu

Alright all you swing cats
Let's try somethin' new
Drag your elbows off the bar
And your can from the old barstool

There's a place called the ocean
Probably heard about in school
Well, they ain't got no martinis there
But man, it's really cool

Guess what barfly buddies
Got womens down there too
But that's for romp so romeo
That dummy ain't got a clue

And just for viewing pleasure
Head down by the pier
And think of all the dough you'll save
On whiskey, gin and beer, mom's cool

Now the moral of this story
There's more to life than jazz and bars
So plop your ass down in the sand
And look up at the stars

And if you're feelin' homesick
Bring a showgirl or two
Toss 'em out a volleyball
And hey, enjoy the view

What's that? thats a shell
Thats what your little sister is gonna come out of
When i say to ya
You understand what i'm sayin' bum
Oh, don't stay swimmin' out there
Hey thats a dolphin, you know flipper
Thats what they make the tuna sandwiches outta, to make 'em taste
They sell 'em at the deli
You know what i'm talking about

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