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D.t. empty stare and body shiver
Whisky - need a shot to stop the quiver
I've been here for days or minutes
Where is here? i couldn't tell
Somewhere in the outer limits
Pretty close, i guess, to hell
Hazy names and places
Foggy memory
Help me - mister, can you spare a dollar?
Need a drink before i start to holler
Seedy bars is where i hang out
Crawling up the strip all night
Dodging tabs and seeking spenders
Passing out or starting fights
It's a way of living
In the underworld

Close to the edge - barfly
Ready to fall
Walking the ledge - barfly
Nothing or all
Playing your part - barfly
Searching... barfly

Barrooms - stench of beer, the smell of losers
Lowlifes - aging whores and senile boozers
We're a family of zombies
But a family nonetheless
Gotta hang on to each other
When your life's a filthy mess
Fighting for survival
Fighting loneliness

Way out - got a choice, i'm not a dumb one
Create - write a book and be a someone
Memoirs very popular
In those intellectual circles
Barfly turns to cult - scene start
Sleaze can be attractive
Viewed from safer shores

Close to the edge - barfly
Ready to fall
Nothing or all - barfly
Searching... barfly

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