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Jane Siberry

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So i'm walking down the road
No one else will take my load, so i will
Everyone is laughing, baby.
And everyone is patting their own backs

But every stone and every stick
And every bone and every half-hearted
But at least half-attempted half-truth
Will come back to stand with you when you're alone

There is one thing i forgot to tell you
There is one thing i forgot to say
But if i have the guts to say it
I'm afraid the place where we go to get lost, would get lost

And so i'm walking down the road, i'm crying baby
I walked all the way to whitby, people honk at me
I shake my fist, sometimes give them the finger
I don't know why i always lie to you

Barkis always tells the truth
Barkis never lies
Barkis is always willing
Will you marry me awhile?

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