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Porter Wagoner

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Barlow chapin was a big man barlow chapin was a real man
When he'd play ball all the girls would scream
If the boys complained he'd whip the whole team barlow chapin was a big man

Barlow chapin was a big man not an ounce of fat was on his bones
Just hard muscles made him strong
His waist was only about thirty inches around
But he stood 6-4 and weighed about 220 pounds barlow chapin was a big man
Born and raised in the ozark hills in the land of the mountains and corn liquor stills
He started datin' a girl when he was fifteen
Her name was debbie the high school queen
Debbie was the prettiest girl in school
But for another boy to look at her would've had to be a fool
Cause she was barlow's girl that was understood
For he'd whip the whole class and i'll name who he would
Barlow chapin was a big man...

Well just before graduation day debbie and barlow announced their wedding day
Well they got married bout a year ago and i seen barlow the other day
And i didn't hardly know him why he wouldn't have weighed a hundred pounds
The moral of the story is that love is a wonderful thing
But too much of it will sure get you down
Why got barlow down to less than a hundred pounds
And barlow chapin was a big man...

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