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Sandra Boynton

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Stomp your feet
Clap your hands
Everybody ready for a barnyard dance!
Bow to the horse
Bow to the cow
Twirl with the pig if you know how
Bounce with the bunny.
Strut with the duck.
Spin with the chickens now-cluck cluck cluck
With a baa and a moo and a cockledoodldoo
Everybody promenade two by two
Prance with the horses
Skitter with the mice
Swing with your partner one or twice
Stand with the donkey
Slide with the sheep
Scramble with the lit and a moo and a cockledoodldoo
Another little promenade two by two.
Trot with the turkey
Leap with the frog
Take another spin with the barnyard dog
Turn with the cow in a patch of clover
All take a bow, and the dance is over
With an oink and a moo and a quck quack quack
The dance is done, but we'll be back!

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