Paroles de Barres de la prison

Buddy Miller

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Goodbye, dear old mama, goodbye poor old dad
Goodbye, all my brothers and my dear little sister
I've been condemned for the rest of my life
To the bars of the prison

I ran 'round, i got up to no good
I had a hot head, i got into a fight
And now i'm condemned to spend the rest of my life
In the bars of the prison

My poor old mama, she got down on her knees
Her head in her hands, she was crying for me
She said, mmm, mmm

She said, (foreign content)
(foreign content)
(foreign content) barres de la prison

I said, "dear old, mama, don't you cry for me now
You'd do better to pray for that baby at your breast
To save his young soul from the cold flames of hell
And the bars of the prison"

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