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Tierra Richell

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It's shore side hoe/
It's shore side hoe/
Said /
You can rep shore side or you can die hoe/

It's tierra richell /
Some of you know as star aka fresh /
Some of you knew me as baby t/
Ain't nothing changed but the name though/



It's tierra richell /
You know the name /
Loud pack like a miami u hurricane /
Bars wake the people up /
Nobody sleeping on me /
Hear my songs and say they love me /
They don't even know me /
Talk good do great things /
Your baby's in beijing /
Sun bathing /
And facing /
Her head game is amazing /
You cuff and i'm breaking /
Hearts then replacing /
Deleting numbers /
Face book's i'm erasing /
Being a king ain't a man it's a lifestyle /
I got a queen with some wet and a bright smile /
I say i want it / she say come and get it right now /
Hit a room and we smash til we pass out /
Keep it g /
I see you cowards on that sucka shit /
Shore side ain't a team /
It's a government /
Drama wit the g /
Will turn a g into a sucka quick/
Hear you talking shit i just may slap you for the hell of it /
Cause' half of y'all exaggerate and half of y'all fraudulent /
Fronting for the cameras/
So you can't forget the politics /
Independently bossing /
Now i'm the hardest chick /
Need a beat and a lab and i'm mobbing it/
They talk but when its beef they are not present /
My team coming out gunning like it's game 7 /
Real rappers in the game i can't name 7/
We all strapped but we will bang
With the same weapon /
You got nothing but lames in your background /
My team come through /
Approach you like a flash mob /
You gone probably say i'm on that bold shit /
But i came from a time when everybody wrote they own shit /
Not only was it written they was living what they spitting /
Looking at the game i can see its very different /
Just because they famous , that don't mean they're rich /
I've seen it 1st hand i've peeped it /
Rental homes /
Leased whips /
Rented jewelry /
With a rented bitch but he pulled up in that new 6 look rich but don't own shit/
& youre a follower so you believed it/
But they can't talk about me /
I'm on the title the deed /
I can do a show for some g'z /
And spend it all on trees/
Break the dutch and fill it wit dro /
They already know that i'm sick with the flow /
Been killing the game since 2004 /
And i'm reppin the side the side that shore /
Shore side hoe shore side hoe /
So you can rep shore side or die hoe/
I hear them talking they gone make me let this shell off /
Stomp em in the crowd blue cross it's a step off /
Keep a couple freaks that strip & fuck and then they step off /
In one room full of bad women kreyshawn /
I'm on the low they be like star where you at /
I'm in miami eating rappers/
It's a zombie attack /
Where the women act sadity til they hear you on the radio /
And niggas looking hard but they still perform fellatio/
& now a days everybody entrepreneurs but if you broke keep it real then u just unemployed /
Never been on no bull shit but the truth /
They can't handle that /
My father name richard best believe i'm going hamilton /
I know wassup what kind of dream is you selling /
Your chick be on my line giving me the april 11th/
The 411 is you just got sonned /
Am i still not done /
So why you trying me young /
With the bars i am deadly /
Homie you a deadbeat /
& now when you hit the hood all they see is fresh meat /
All that gangsta shit really don't impress me /
You be tweeting gangsta shit but you ain't never press me /
So for my daughter i won't let nobody stress me /
I just hit the mall and drop bands like fresh beat/
I know it's been a minute since y'all heard a verse /
I'm still loyal to my fans but i'm a parent first ! /
My family first my money second /
I'm # 1 wit the bars don't second guess it/
If i started from the bottom then i'm still here /
Cause i ain't on top until i got a 100 mil /
But don't get it twisted /
My daughter's great /
My bills are paid /
My money straight /
Got my own whip & my own estate /
I see the hate in your face while i celebrate /
Smoke a little weed but i don't do molly's /
Green smelling like berries /
Halle /
Highly favored by god so i know got me /
I did it all my by myself no illuminati /
I'm spending big boy money /
T-rex /
More money more problems but i don't stress /
Passport looking like a subway in the bx /
Yelling shore sideeeee til the day i rest /
Shore siidddeee