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Say it again
Fuckin carlos with these hard ass beats n shit
Here we go
I wake up
I bake up
I wake yo bitch
She bakes up
We do it nigga
You wish you did it nigga
Thomas, do you live at mailes house?
Basically, yeah x2
Basically, i smoke this blunt
Basically, i drink my drank
Basically, i go hard
Basically, this room stank!
Fucking carlos
Wash yo sheets
Take a shower
Brush yo teeth
God damnit nigga
This room really fucking stinks
It smells like rotting flesh
Like a rotten bag of balls
Filled with cancer patient phlegm
Poring down the fucking halls
Like a little kid
Takin a shit
In the bathroom stall
Shut the fuck up bitch
Wash your fuckin draws

Is my brotha jason
Killin it like he on a fuckin mission
Is my brotha car managing macks like a lit ignition, petition
Nigga we out here pissin, dissin yo mom
Carlos in the beat laboratory, yeah
Carlos in the beat laboratory, ughhh
Keepin it jay rated for the g.o.d priority
Rappin, clappin, mackin, stackin, cappin on that nigga in the studio
Makin, the rhymes, sound so fuckin damn stupid yo
Let me be, eat my beans, eat my rice and take a pee
Never be a green tea, always get that sweet tea
From tha nigga ronald mcdonald

Aww man, fuck these two
They cant do what i can do
There comin over talking trash
Nigga look at you
Its fucked up hairline and shaggy from scooby doo
My room smells like roses bitch
Nigga, fuck both of you
(fire, fire, hot fire)