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Peyce Byron

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Date de parution : 06/06/2011

Durée : 0:04:39

Style : Christian & Gospel

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1st verse:
Oh, when it seems like god is not listening or caring
And my fire for him has become a little dim and routine
Well i guess i aint feeling the love from up above
So is it somebody i need to forgive
Is it the way that im living?
Lord show me - clearly
Then a light goes on
It starts to dawn on me
And then eventually i begin to see
That it is simply i need to get back to basics

2nd verse:
Hey christian brother sister
On the road a long time
In church every sunday, sometimes even monday
But its a routine
Weve got church membership, god wants a relationship
If deep inside you know that something is missing
Continue to listen and maybe like me
A light goes on
And it starts to dawn on you
And then eventually you begin to see
That it is simply we need to incorporate some basics
I dont know about you but i need a few

Basics - fasting praying seeking gods face
The word daily
A consistent sacrifice through worship and praise
Seeking not our will, but gods will gods way
To encounter jesus anew everyday

Yeah, yeah just seek ye first the kingdom of god
And his righteousness
And all other things will be added unto you


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