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Cryptic Wintermoon

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Gloryfied - gorified - idolized breed
Durfing on adrenaline - i feed - i feed - i feed
Smell my odour - fear if perfume - bootlickers choice
If sorrow means a joke for you - i make you laugh

I am yoour pain amplifier
In the dark of night - i rush into your soul
Fuck you - shitfaced creation
I will amplify your needs

Die bastard - die by my hands
Die bastard - rot in hell

Paralized - sterilized - fools to the core
A puppetshow without puppeteers
Advertised - brainwashed minds - stampede of sanity
Does anybody need a god - i`ll make some more

I am your god`s crucifier
So welcome me - just like a star
Wake up - the train has gone too far
You will deify my deeds
Who needs professionals
When still fools exist
Keeping up the idols
That made you so pissed
Laughing - when i hit your face again
Real entertainment - this is no fun
Bastard - i wish you hell
Riding on the wings of wrath - wrath

Lower instincts dominate - to gain victory
Nothing but a chapter - in some litany
Touched by a shade of thruth

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