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Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Date de parution : 09/03/2010

Durée : 0:04:03

Style : Soundtrack

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Ladies and gentleman
Mr.y is pleased to present to you
His final surprise of the season
A command performance by christine daae
The most heavenly diva of this or any age

But first, for those of you
Whose taste is a little more earth-bound
The sweet-heart of the midway
The oolala girl
The incomparable
Meg giry

I took a little trip to coney island
To get away from all the city sprawl
I couldn't bear to choose which bathing suit to use
So goodness me, i guess i brought 'em all

But when at last i got to coney island
And found myself a spot upon the sand
I noticed something strange, there was no place to change
Uh, oh
And so i asked my friends to lend a hand

Aah, ooh
Bathing beauty
Take a look at you

Bathing beauty on the beach
Bathing beauty, say hello
What a cutie, what a peach
Bathing beauty, watch her go

Posing under her parasol
She is what you call a real spectacle
Prim and proper with classic poise
But she's got the boys at the plaque to call

Bathing beauty on the beach
See her practically glow
Wearing the smile and hitting coney island
Bathing beauty of a show

Bathing beauty on the beach
Ooh, what a cutie, what a peach

Ooh, bathing beauty, bathing beauty
Checks, checks
Checks, checks, checks, checks

Bathing beauty on the beach
See her practically glow
Taking the sun and see all the boys are running
Go and unclothe her and get a tan all over

Wearing a smile and hitting coney island
The bathing beauty of our show
Bathing beauty, say hello

Ladies and gentlemen, these were the very, the 'oohlala girls'
In just a moment, christine daa
The worlds most celebrated (incomprehensible)
Will be making her american debut her at phantasma
But first, performing fist, of miraculous, muscular strength
The mighty (incomprehensible)

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