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All the light
From your eyes
Lights me up all the time

And i feel a little bit less like an overdose

And your stars
On the skyline
Gravel roads that twist like tree vines
Can you name all the god damned places we have been

And it feels like i could lay like this for hours
Feels right, i'm not too messed up, just tired
I'll just stay up late
And make sure you're ok
I've got a problem with saying goodbye

That night
You were dreaming
I layed awake listening to you breathing
You pulled me in and you kept me close
Till the stars were gone

Take a breath
When you've lost her
Take some pills when you know it's over
Get rid of the ghost of loved one living in your past


And you hope
You wish you dream you fight
You'd kill for someone else tonight

Fuck you! the whole town screams when they tear down the walls

It's really loud
Can't you hear the siren
I try to wake you up cuz you're way to quiet
But you know me, i never know when it's the right time to let go

Well you call me a liar
Who were chasing in vegas

Hook (slow)

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