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I Hate You When You're Pregnant

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You know you better watch out
When i've got my boomerang
'cause i will not think twice
To bust your ass

You know i feel pretty good
When i've got my armor on
These mother fucking punks
Think they run my town

'cause i run through the village
Because i am batman
I fight all the villains
Because i am batman
Fight crime every day
Fight crime every nite
Willpower stronger than steel

If you cross my path
You must face my wrath
Rocking in gotham
Because i am batman
Oh yes

With my utility belt
I'll use my grappling hook
And i will fly through the skies
In my dark knight disguise

Is everybody ok?
I'd really like to know
The joker, the penguin, the riddler
I don't care at all


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