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P.j. Pacifico

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Date de parution : 14/07/2009

Durée : 0:03:58

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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We met briefly, you were the buckeye
Encouraged deeply, but missed between you & i
So now i'll have to tell her
Next time, i prefer
Got nothin, to lose, i brightened my blues
And now it's that much easier to choose
To keep it together, depending weather, we can keep it together

And now it's time to get up outta here
Try a brand new hemisphere
So batten down the hatches, whichever way is fastest
Because her we go again, que sera

Keep it together, depending weather
She's caught up in that same old dance
And i just negged a second chance
Now it's after the encore, nobody wants to hear anymore
I'm walking up 3rd avenue and i'm laughing at my own adieu to you
To keep it together, depending weather, i can keep it together
So sick of que sera
Here we go....
Sick of que sera

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