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Swollen Members

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Date de parution : 14/07/2009

Durée : 0:02:34

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(mad child)
Star struck, awkward glances, rock phenomenally
Armed with honesty, doven wove in tapestry
Of obscenity, eliminate the enemy
Watch closely, i'm what you're pretending to be
We took the turn inpenetrable, and fine tuned it
Cleared the path, laughed and walked past the wounded
You shouldn't have assumed we'd take time to breath
Fuck tricks, i've got alot more weapons up my sleeve
I'll tell you when i'm finished, i'm armed to armageddon
Hard headed with the steel ball pulse heart imbedded
It's hard to believe this is controlled by a brain
They're retired because i'm wired for sound with iron lanes
If at first we suceed try again
I'm turning verses into fire by applying pain
Manslaughter in the first, incidence of red
Confidence is king, innocence is dead


Over the course, something like life-endorsed
I've entered the mother ship, terminated the denver airport
Too many germs in the air, you're about to be prepared for em'
You've heard us speak, attention filthy sack of nature
Or maybe you enjoy being being so filthy, severed by
By sacred sabres uppin for plegance to break the paranoid
You're about the dreamscape, we fought with backlash
Ya'll done see my phoenix rise out my black ass
Tad's cash, a loss of breath
The only three certain things in this life and death
Corrosive breath, from human tissue acid tests
You trying to tell me entertaining is a time well spent
Any event of contact, to clack
Drop a hummin bird back and see what goes black
Elevated elements, and the knowing guards
We know the future without the use of the tarot card

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