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Date de parution : 20/05/2003

Durée : 0:04:17

Style : Rock

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They praise their new untouchable leader
His wish is their supreme command
They all are only his small faithful followers
There is no judge for what they have done

Are we so much worse than wild dreaded animals
No-one on earth is born to wipe out his own kind
Only the human race wages stupid holy wars
For the rich and their silly, damned mind

Don't you see the unspeakable suffering
Don't you see the terrible fear
Their beloved childhood, taken away
Without any feeling for human rights

It's their fight
In the name of the cross
They bring us the end
It's our end
No-one of us
Will ever escape

Well, we are all under the devil's command
No-one knows where the journey will go
No-one to escape, satan's sign on their mind
Leading them straight to their end

From new york to paris, from england to brazil
Everyone is heading for the big holy war
So we pay with our lives and they grab their gold
'cause millions of dead soldiers tell no tales

Don't you see the incredible lies
Don't you see the world of terror
Their future has been taken away
Well, no time's left, we must go back

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