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Eight years old and i wanted one bad, you see
All my friends had one and it made me sad
I want to be a man, i want to be a man
The itching of my finger on the trigger of my very own..
Bb gun

I saw it flying in the sky
And it landed in a tree right outside
So i loaded the chamber, yes i loaded the chamber
Then i pumped it up 'till i could not pump anymore
My bb gun

Well i didn't know just what it was
So i ran, i over to see just what i'd done
It was twitching, it wasn't dead
All over, all over my hands were red
It looked right at me as if to say
Why did you do it and take my life away

Do you feel like a man?
Do you feel like a man?
I shook my head, said no, dropped my gun and ran

My bb gun
My bb gun

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