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Dionne Warwick

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When the sun is warm where you are
And its comfortable and safe
Where you are,
Well, its not exactly that way all over.

There somewhere in the world
Someone is cold.
Be aware!

And while youre feeling young
Someone is old.
Be aware!

And while your stomachs full
Somewhere in this world
Someone is hungry.

When there is so much
Should anyone be hungry?

When theres laughter all around me
And my family and friends surround me.
If i seem to be forgetful,
Remind me
That somewhere in the world
People are weak
Be aware!

And while you speak your mind
Others cant speak.
Be aware!

And while your children sleep
Somewhere in this world
A child is homeless
When we have so much
Should any child be homeless?

Oh, no.
Not even one child
Be aware!

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