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Date de parution : 19/08/2003

Durée : 0:05:

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Ok, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea
Hey, ok, hey, hey, hey, hey, ok
Come on

(verse 1)
I never know whether i'm living fo tomorrow or dying fo today
But either way i'm tryin' to move a hundred dimes in a day
They sat that crime don't pay, but i'm gone stay on the grind in the a
With the same ole j's
I know the lames gone say that i done changed no way
I'm in the gutta everyday tryin' t slang mo ya
In the middle of the trap, we hang the dro blaze
Niggas in the trap ain't changed in 4 days
Waiting on a page that saying the blow came
Instead of us just finding mo ways to get paid
Anyway, in the fire, i done been there homey
Niggas ball, niggas die and ain't shit fair homey
Dem crackers give ya some time and get to sit there homey
My niggas dying, i'll see ya when i get there homey
Hey, born alone, die alone in life
But right or wrong, folk it's on fo life
Just be better than me

Shawty, the streets ain't the place to be
I'm telling you 'cause it's to late fo me
Hey be better than me
Crackers love nothing better to see then young niggas wit a felony sheet
So be better than me
I know ya mamma waiting faithfully on her baby to graduate ya see
You way better than me
Betta than us, better than this, take a chance nigga change some shit
You could be better than me

(verse 2)
Hey, its rules in the game son, learn it young
When these haters speak yo name man burn dey tongue
Neva be ashamed of how ya live or where ya from
You stack a mill, niggas will see how far you come
Without a gun, you got somethin'll make 'em bar you son
That's a million dollar mind, why, these niggas is dumb
Yea they goin, get outta line, but these niggas is scum
They outta sight and outta mind 'til you visit the slum, stay down
Stay on the grind and yo digits'll come, bottom line
You gotta shine no matter what you become
These streets is 40 percent of yo mind and 5 percent muscle
10 struggle, 10 time, and 35 percent hustle
And trust if they don't burry the scared, they burry the dead
When anticipating pistol play, be very prepared
And if you ain't, find somewhere to burry yo head
Because them hot ones from the choppas tear ya body to shreds
I said


(verse 3)
In a broke down cadillac, ridin' high
Not many trusts in this life either shine or die
I'ma live one of two ways, either grind or cry
And i'ma grind it out, even if i'm dying it out
Ain't got no mo than me, so what the fuck you lying about
That man right there, but ain't goin' be when they start finding out
That that bullshit you be talking ain't the real deal
That ain't you blow, them ain't yo cars so how you really live
See what you need to do is take a chilly-willy pill
Go and chill yo ass out, for they deal yo ass out
A bad hand from a mad man, in a mad clan
All them other niggas take a fall you goin' take the last stand
Gnawed in, sawed in, how everybody ball
When everybody else is all in you don't know where to fall in?
Need some flaw henn, i'm telling you shawty
And don't be buying none of that bullshit selling you shawty
And all that other shit they talking is irrelevant shawty
Tell 'em, show you the papa, for they show you the cable
You see a whole different nigga when you open them drables
Follow haters nothing holy can saves us
Shawty be better than me

(chorus: x2)

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