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Nikki Webster

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Showin' it, flowin' it, movin' it right
'cause i felt the heat when we danced tonight
Comma come say what you wanna

Verse 1
You can send it in a bottle or even the u.p.s
Send it in a telegram, just make sure that it gets here fast
You can mail it in a letter, call me up on the telephone
Have it written in the sky, cant you see that i'm dyin' to know

Yeah, it's ok that you're a little shy
'cause there's a thousand and one ways
To say what you want to say

All i want is a message
Send it to me baby
All i need is a sign
Baby just give me a signal
That you're gonna be mine, that you
Wanna be, gonna be mine

Verse 2
Have it printed on a billboard, or email it on the net
Dedicate it on the radio, or send it by fed expess

Oh, you know i've been waiting so patiently
Dont go and waste percious time
'cause i cant read your mind baby


When you're with me, i barely breathe
I just cant speak what i feel
Say the words for me, baby

Chorus till end

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