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By joe walsh

Hormone in production,
Such a waste of time,
Let's get down to business.

I know i'm a stranger,
You should know that i'm.
Won't you be my baby?

Good girls should be careful
And always home on time.
(good girls should be careful)

Don't misunderstand me,
You can make the rules,
But i'll make the arrangements.

All you gotta do is be my baby.

Be my baby.

Help you with your problems,
You help me with mine.
Won't you be my baby?

I can teach you things
You'll never learn in school,
You don't have to thank me.

All you gotta do is be my baby.

Be my baby, that's all you gotta do,
You'll take care of me, babe,
And i'll take care of you.

(won't you be my baby?)

(be my baby)

(be my baby)

(be my baby)

(be my baby)

(be my baby)

(baby, baby, baby, be my baby)
Babe, babe, babe, baby, babe...

Come on, baby, come on, baby, now,
Oh, baby, baby, (baby, baby) baby, baby,
Be my baby, oh, be my baby.

I said, babe, babe, babe, baby, babe...

"turn the tape off just for me!"

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