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Drew Dewitt

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If you want to be nice to us
You can call us x2

If you want to be mean to us,
Fuck off fuck off x2

Verse 1

I am lookin' for some motha' fuckas who wanna roll with me,
You should bring your own liquor but the weed is always free,
Now i've smoked up dr. dre, you can ask him if you doubt shit,
He and snoop dogg went back in time and wrote two albums about it.
I'm hassled by them ladies who were born after the 80's,
Bitches always on ma shit; i ain't havin' no babies.
I'm mega high, driving by , zzz zoomin!
I drop more knowledge than churchill and more bombs than truman, bitch.
This is how i switch my style watch me wink my eye and then i'll crack a smile, cuz cops wanna grab my weed pile,
I'll get the lawyer from the casey anthony trial.
I heard that weed was bad but i think that i got lied to,
And fuck tiger woods, nobody hits the greens like i do.


Verse 2

I'm getting paper, checking stocks, i'm collecting my riches.
I don't like when nasdaq goes down but i feel different about my bitches.
I think i smoke more weed than weezy but i'm not quite as cool. i think big, like michael bay but i'm not a fuckin' tool, now
Imma be gettin' famous wait and see, spread like a virus.
Imma be gettin' famous watch me sleep with miley cyrus.
Imma be gettin' famous learn time travel and i'll go!
I wanna see dinosaurs and hit on marilyn monroe, so,
Compare me to katrina cuz we both strong equally,
I'm not like katrina; i don't hate on black people, see?
Yes i smoke a whole bunch of bowls and get way b-b-b blown,
You can smoke your cali-grown, i've got my own.


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