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Souls In Chains

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(intro)(chino moreno)
This town don't feel mine,
I'm fast to get away, far.

They exchange numbers by the telephone phone pole,
She was clumsy and cute he was reserved and cold,
Carried caution in his back pocket,
Never had anyone to count on,
She dressed to impress, he dressed to hide,
But she liked him, and he liked her eyes,
And the, belly button ring,
Rebellious kind of thing he liked about her,
Honestly knew nothing about her,
Deep talk in small talk, family loss and vodka shots,
She wasn't single, but he liked her a lot,
She wasn't single, but never had anyone to count on,
She needed to get away,
Cause love is where you least expect,
But when you never expect, love is there,
He was sweet and worth the gamble,
She cried divinity, he cried for help,
They both needed to get far away.

(chino moreno)
I dressed you in her clothes,
Now drive me far,
Away, away, away.

She dressed in his sweater,
We're sitting at a park counting the silence in the stars,
She tells me i could ruin things,
And so we go for a walk, and laugh a little,
Get into my car and drive a little,
The breeze is breaking the bass before it makes it to my brain,
But sounds aren't making the attempt i need to keep me safe,
Soft and far away,
She's delivered, i'm weathered,
Drip drip drip drip,
The drops are beating harder,
The distance growing farther,
Streets lights strike my face tonight,
And so i breathe and drive,
Dream i'll collide with concrete lines,
And ride the red and white,
Into where my time is quiet,
I'll sleep with mercy far away,
Oh so lonely,
Far away.

(chino moreno)
It feels good to know your mine,
Now drive me far,
Away, away, away,
Far away,
I don't care where just far,
Away, away, away,
And i don't care.

(outro)(chino moreno)
Far away,
And i don't care where just far,
Away, away, away.

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