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Me and a friend decided
To leave our lives behind
Wife, child, credit cards
Get in the car, good-bye
Got some stuff packed in the trunk
Pulled the plunger and closed our eyes
Whatever lane, left or right
It'll be the trip of our lives

Be the ball - life is one big arcade
Be the ball - the aim is to be the game
Be the ball - the nest four minutes are
A total surprise
Be the ball - hell-bent, damn,
We love to drive

Through the pits and valleys,
Through the tunnels in the maze
We don't know where we're going
But we got the stones cranked
As fasxt as the orbit takes us
Is just how fast we'll play
Around the bumpers and
Down the drain
We're so out there, we feel no pain

Be the ball - don't you try to set your sights
Be the ball - you'll never get it right
Be the ball - gonna see the world tonight
Be the ball - hell-bent, damn, we love
To drive

We love to drive

Be the ball - the last four minutes
We quite a ride
Be the ball - it's too late to change our minds
Seen it all - we are so amazingly high
Be the ball - hell-bent, damnit, we
Love to drive

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