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Def Manic

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(verse 1)

You say i ain't addictive, but you always get a ticket,
Always get me from the same place like a prescription,
I make you feel good when you stress out,
Put you to sleep when you pass out,
Other people notice but you don't give a fuck,
We hang out when the times are tough,
You cant get enough,
We go out and we eat together,
Really fucken need eachother,
Call me mary jane, i call you by your name,
Hang with you on the late night train,
When you fucken need me the most,
Stressed as fuck need me to toke,
Ima leave you to choke,
Fuck the pain just keep it going,
Like the stars i chill with when they keep it flowing,
Tupac, snoop, big and a lil bit more,
Chilled with em till they all fell on the floor,
And it's so funny to me, cause it's so easy to see,
That you love me but society thinks of it all differently,
And that's all good with me,
Just never leave my side,
Consequences will arise,
If i see you fucking with another guy bitch you gon' die.

I just wanna get it, i wanna get it good,
I wanna get you home, i wanna get you in my room,
Just be with me, girl what? just be with me and i swear everything will be fine, just be with me,
I'm the green you need me, i'm the green you need me, i'm the green you need me, so bitch just be with me.

(verse 2)

Bitch you left my side, something more addictive when you ride,
Back with me and everything i always made for you,
Fuck that shit it's fucken beautiful,
You need that other thing more then you need me,
Bitch be careful stick that in your arm see,
Cause when we hung out everything was spacey as fuck,
Can't believe you've be so high running outta that luck,
I told you what would happen if you try and fuck with me,
Now you attached, can never go back to how things used to be,
I gave you paranoia, confusion and tried to make you quit,
But you kept pushing it, now you can never really even sit
Shit got you messed up, and couldn't stick with me,
Lil greedy bitch you came back acting way too comfortably,
Shit ain't made for your body,
You heartbroken nobody,
Your whole memory fuzzy
You ain't giving up on me
But i'm respecting that shit,
This consequence is a bitch,
You got that stick in your lip
Cause that shit turned to a pipe,
We used to watch the stars at night,
But now you looking at a room,
No happiness coming out at all soon, and we all doomed
Fucked up, too bad you stuck up,
Ima have you locked up, now you out dumb luck bitch.

(chorus x2)

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