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Electra Valentine Domico

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Baby, i wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
& youre the only one i wanna hear that i wanna hold
Be with you
I wanna be with you
Your always on my mind everyday & every night
The only one that knows how sex should be like
I wanna be with you, only you

Ay they can say what they want but they dont know what weve been through
Ay they can do what they like but they cant break us in two
Cause i know where stronger than this
They cant say nothing
They cant take your loving
Keep it real for me & ill hold it down for you like that
& i know well get through
I just know well get through


Give you everything you want
Give you everything you need
Put you in my life
Put me in the lamborghini
Million dollar stacks
Rain on me
Ill thank you later in the bedroom baby
Tell me
It aint tricking if you got it
So what your asking
What your asking
But you know
I got everything i need right here
Excite you slightly
Maybe i can be your wifey


I know how they are
I know what they do
Trying put me down
My friends keep telling me to leave you now
But ay were gonna live together baby
Aint nothing your friends can say
Aint nothing my friends can do because


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