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Kelley James

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Date de parution : 15/07/2011

Durée : 0:03:34

Style : Rock

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I could be wrong but im pretty sure it gon
Take a little more than one song to make you love me
But here we go on with the show
Baby i could be your juggling monkey

Id wash cars, sell all my guitars, buy out the whole bar
Just to make you want me
Hot coals burning up my toes
Theres nothing i wont do youre just that lovely

Im pretty sure you never sleep alone
Got half the world blowing up your phone
I could be right but i could be wrong
But ya need to know

Id do anything for you its true
Id go anywhere you want me to
Tie a rope around a star
And bring it back to where you are
Thats where i wanna be
Id do anything

You know id go sell the devil my soul
If i didnt lose it that night in vegas
Take a loan and buy a new home
In monogrammed robe so youd think im famous

I cant afford it but id buy a billboard with
Our names in heart cuz you know im shameless
Charge it all on my moms credit card
Tat your name on my arm say it was painless

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