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Plus One

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Date de parution : 23/05/2000

Durée : 0:03:52

Style : Pop

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If the tears
Should ever cloud your eyes
If the rain
Should ever darken
The skies above you
You'll be alright
'cause i'm here, i'm here
And i'll turn your
Grey skies back to blue
'cause there's nothing
I won't do for you

Just a whisper away
I'm closer to you
Than the air that you breathe
Believe me it's true
I will never leave you
I promise to you
Forever, forever we will be

If tomorrow
Feels like a lonely room
Without someone
There holding you
Know you'll be alright
I'll be at your side
At your side
Hold on tight
You know i'll never be too far
'cause i wrote this promise on your heart

Whenever you're
Stranded in the cold
Remember my love's an overcoat
I'm here to keep you
Safe in my arms
Where you belong


Whenever you're afraid
I'll be your hiding place
I won't be late for you


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