Paroles de Beagle in bethlehem

Alan Guno

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Puppy prints in the white sand
A hungry dog all alone
Our little hero looks to the night sky
Cuz hes needing a home

Follows a star for a dream still unknown
A family of his own

Hes a beagle in bethlehem
And hes here to follow his star
Doesnt even know how or when
But he knows that it could be far
Even when darker times have begun
Destiny calls to the humblest one
So little beagle in bethlehem
Dont give up, your journey aint done

Joseph works all day for his family
Times in the city are tough
And mary sits with her only baby
But maybe three aint enough

One special night came a noise from outside
Four paws appeared in the light

Little beagle in bethlehem
I dont know why youre at my door
It seems that youre lost and homeless now
But our familys simple and poor
And though our home is small, that is true
Maybe one more will help us get through
Oh little beagle in bethlehem
Tell me what are we gonna do

Just one night
One night can comfort an orphan, a stray
Just one light
Can show a mother the way
Home is love
Miracles find a benevolent soul
Just one pup
Can make a family whole
This blessed familys now whole

Little beagle in bethlehem
Im not sure what god means to do
I dont even know why youre here
But our familys waiting for you
Youll be a gift to our baby son
You will become his best friend, little one
So little beagle in bethlehem
Come on in, your journey is done

Hes a beagle in bethlehem
Hes a pup who followed his star
Now hes here with his family
And their love will never be far
And on the nights when he feels alone
Little jesus holds on to the pup thats his own
So little beagle in bethlehem
Sleep in peace, youre finally home

Little beagle in bethlehem
Youre finally home

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