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Sitting here in a big old box
Getting help for my vice
Got a sink and a toilet with a view
Like the rest of the mice
I lie awake and i shake
Like a rabid dog waiting to attack
And i crave like an addict
And i'm afraid that the beast is back

The beast is back
The beast is back
The beast is back
The beast is back

Got out and got a dead-end job
Right about minimum wage
Serving meals to the homeless
To subsidize my rage
I can cook, i can clean
I can run my wheel
Like a big brown mouse
Breakdown and gotta have it
It's back to the halfway house


I look back at my high school daze
With a gun in my hand
One step closer to madness
I stick my head in the sand
When i'm high i can dream i can fly
An eagle in a stone-cold sweat
I'll crash down like my daddy
Because my wings are wet


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