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J Lethal

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( verse 1 )

Lil jay is in the building, that lean got me tilting
Bitches say i'm too cold but i'm like "i'm just chilling"
Riding 'round town with the top peeled back
Got more guns in the trunk then they carry in iraq
These niggas too broke
Quick go and call emergency
Currently, i been focused on my currency
I get so high to the point of absurdity
And i get more brain than a fucking university
Fuck what a pussy nigga got to say
Pardon me, if i may
All my niggas got that weight, we carry it in large arrays
I be with animals, gorillas standing in yo' midst
I got the world in hands, watch these rappers get eclipsed
And take my word for it, hoe i am an alien
I get deep up in that pussy like i'm in the subterranean
These rappers fucking garbage
Quick, go and grab a trash bag
They tell me money talks so you can catch me where the cash at
The boy go hard like i came up out of hollygrove
My brother taught me how to spot a cop in plainclothes
I'm riding in my own lane, and i keep my lane closed
Red beam on ya face, boy i'm aiming at ya nose
Got the rock in my hands, i'ma ball hog like i'm jordan
Don't need my future told 'cause i'ma make my own fortune
Go touring, get a portion
Ride out in something foreign
Something worth seven figures more than what you're in, d5

( verse 2 )

Riding with the gage that'll take out ya brains
Got diamonds out in dallas, guess i'm on a new page
I'll rip off ya head and shit down ya neck
Got these bitches in a spell, i think they need a spellcheck
I'm a genie in a bottle, do you need a death wish
Only fucking with the people i already came wit'
No shit, don't trip, got nina on my hip
This my fucking movie and i'm sticking to the script
Only fuck with models, always pop bottles
You niggas old, washed up, worn out fossils
I like a lot of bitches, i could fuck 'em by the dozen
Three bitches give me more head than a concussion
Let me gon' get it, let me gon' kill it
Step up in the spot and i'm feeling real prolific
Light the weed up, pass it like some germs
I mean every verb in the letter of my words
Maxed out, cashed out
I'm the best, no doubt
Dick stay longer than a crocodile snout
Red-bone climb on top and ride it like a moped
I keep more lines than a motherfuckin' blow head
I killed that pussy, it came back to life
And i called that shit that frankenstein
Rappers on my plate 'cause you know it's dinner time
Pussy nigga keep ya mouth closed like ya was a mime
They say karma's a bitch
Well, i fucked her too
Now that hoe do what the fuck i say do
I said i'd be the best when i made my debut
Bitch i'm the shit, like poo
Detroit nigga, connor street creature
Bitches give me more head than a mind-reader
Faded like a bleacher 'cause i'm smoking on that reefer
I'm colder than the bodies i got laying in my freezer
I be killing these hoes, like that boy jason
Talk shit and i will be at your location
Bitch i am a martian and this is the invasion
I got that tool drawn, about to make an illustration
Say what bitch nigga
Need to gon' step ya lil' nuts up nigga
It's jay f. tae, man fuck these niggas
To get money and fuck bitches is a must my nigga

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