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J Lethal

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Boy, i been a beast
Where the hell you been at
Got all these bitches addicted 'cause you know i spit that crinack
Riding down gratiot dumping ashes as i'm passing
These niggas say they stunting but you see i'm steady laughing
Bitch don't kill my vibe
And don't you dare try to blow my high
I got the rap game in my hands now it's time to modify
I swear i smell fear but they say it's cologne
Tell me what's ya favorite line
I can chisel it on ya tombstone
Yellow bone thick, pussy tighter than a headlock
I get so high i see more stars and stripes than a dead cop
I'm sick, knots thick
Now watch me perform a trick
When that uzi hit ya stomach and make your intestines come out your mouth bitch
Let me put it simple, i'm a fucking psychopath
I'm the three headed monster and you do not want to see the aftermath
Ever since i left the womb, i been trying to make a billion
So now is the point in time where history will be rewritten
Damn, let me tell 'em like this
You can't fuck with me
I kill the beat quite urgently
Inadvertently so perfectly
Eternally count currency
These niggas act so nervously
Them bullets act internally
Have you coughing up blood in emergency
It's jay f. tae, and the f would be for flossed out
Jump stupid nigga and you get criss crossed out
I got that freddy, jason, michael flow
No, i'm scarier than that shit
Haters do me a favor
Please stay up off my dick, d5

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