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He so versatile, i swear he kill anybody song
And i got them choppers that will be popping at ya collarbone
I'm such a street nigga, i'm in love with the pavement
Addicted to drama, so even mama couldn't raise me
This is for them niggas trying to say that i fell off
You in a dead zone and i'm about to take your head off
Sipping on that lean, about to pour up another cup
And my blunt just like an oreo 'cause i keep it double stuffed
Fuck with me, i'm zooted, yeah i'm gone up off that kryptonite
Any nigga jump stupid will just have to die tonight
Fuck with me, i'm blowing up, spit verses like i'm throwing up
And my racks getting taller, guess my money growing up
Johnny depp swag, i can buy and sell you twice
I'll rap on anybody song if you got the right price
Getting new money, taking your money
2013, watch me make more money
Shitting on your pride, i be pissing on your ego
I be balling on these niggas like my name was tim tebow
Riding around and i'm getting it, riding around, i'm shitting
Riding around my city, all my real niggas is with me
Yeah it's jay f. tae, and the f is for fire
Because killing instrumentals is my only desire
Want me on your track, then i'ma hit that bitch with kapow
In case you haven't been paying attention, the game belongs to me now bitch

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